President Elect Joe Biden Landing Page

This is a hidden page.  It has been put together to help staff members of the transition team evaluate the project.  If you have any questions please contact the founder, Brian McGee.
Phone number: 334-476-1432
Send email to endorse: [email protected]

What is being asked of the President.

We are happy to assist the President in anyway we can.  We see the end result being more important than any other factor.  We see multiple ways the President could move forward on this project.

1. Endorsement Only: The President could just endorse the idea and agree to provide the questions.  This would allow him to focus student efforts across the country.  The financial cost to the Federal Government would be zero.
2. Endorsement plus financial support: This would show the nation's real commitment to getting students involved in problem solving and uniting the country through its students.  The size of the investment is not as important as the show of support.
3. Federal Take over of the Project;  In this scenario the Federal Government has seen the value of the idea and wants to take it on themselves.  While this is not our favored outcome, the importance of the project out weighs any individual's thoughts or feelings.  We would be happy and honored to help in any way we could.  


In order to evaluate the individuals running this project we are providing resumes of key people.  We feel this should help make the evaluation of the project easier.

Brian McGee, EdS, Founder and CEO
1. Resume

Dr. Chandana Mitra, PhD, Vice President and Director of Science Integration
1. Resume
2. Interview: News Talk 1010 Radio Canada

Jacqueline McGee, EdS, Director of Education
1. Resume

Dr. Zach Mahaza, PhD, Director of Research
1. Curriculum Vita
2. Resume

Michelle French, Marketing and Graphics
1. Website
2. Resume