Our Beliefs

We believe that humankind is basically good. We believe that people, when given options, will help each other rather than hurt each other. We believe that knowledge is power. We believe that facts matter. We believe, while people may have opinions, when working toward the greater good, we need to base decisions on facts and not on opinions.

Our Story and Our Team

We are a team of dedicated professionals who are committed to making this country a better place to live for all and we believe that this can be done by working with the youth of America.  At the present time we have five individuals heavily involved in getting Students Taking Action up and running. There are four career educators, one of which is both an educator and a climate scientist. We also have one person heavily involved in marketing and graphic design.


One of an organizations biggest assets is its personnel.   If you are interested in helping please contact us.  

Brian McGee, EdS

Founder and CEO

Ex-Army Officer, Vietnam Vet, career educator, ran for the U.S. Senate in 2017 and the Alabama House in 2018, strong believer in using “simulations” to teach students complex concepts. Lived in five foreign countries.

Dr. Chandana Mitra, PhD

Vice President  and co-Founder of SGA

Climatologist who teaches in Auburn University and does scientific research internationally on human adaption to changes in climate.  

Jacqueline McGee, EdS

Director of Education and Co-founder of SGA and STA.

A career educator with experience in the classroom.  She also served as a school Educational Technologist working with teachers, and as a District Technologist working with many schools.  She was also heavily involved in the "School Improvement Process."  

Dr. Zach Mahafza, PhD

Director of Research

Received a PhD in Public Administration & Public Policy from Auburn University in 2020. Dr. Mahafza specializes in environmental & policy research.

Michelle French

Director of Communications

Small business owner with a background in marketing and graphic design