Landing Page for Potential Donors

This is a hidden page. It has been put together to help you evaluate the project. If you have any questions please contact the founder, Brian McGee.
Phone number: 334-476-1432
Send email to endorse: [email protected]


We find our country torn by competing factions.  We believe working together to actually solve problems is important and that is one of the major goals of this project.  Through this webpage we hope to address general questions that might not have been fully shared in any correspondence we might have had with you.

1. Is this endorsed by the president? We are seeking the endorsement of the President and have written Dr. Jill Biden asking her to see if  she feels the project would fit her husband's larger goals.  If she feels it would, we are asking her to intercede with him on the project's behalf.  His endorsement, while extremely helpful, is not a requirement for the success of the project. 

2. Is there a Pilot Project?  We will be conducting a trial of the project with 10 - 20 school clubs or classrooms.  The pilot's purpose is to evaluate our interface with the student's and adults, evaluate human volunteer/paid staff requirements, and to work out potential bugs.  We expect to be able to keep the costs of this pilot to around $30,000. 
3. Will the project be run by volunteers or paid staff?   We expect this to be a balance between paid staff and volunteers.  As the word of the project gets out, we will be recruiting volunteers to support the project.  Our current goal will be three retired teacher volunteers per group of participants. This would assure us that there were at least two retired teacher acting as resources for the  group.  Assuming a minimum of two groups in the pilot project, we would have one paid educator oversee the two projects and the volunteers.  Wanting to get college students involved , we might consider getting there help either on a volunteer or paid basis.

4. Other questions?  If you have other questions, please contact us directly.  


In order to evaluate the individuals running this project we are providing resumes of key people. We feel this should help make the evaluation of the project easier.

Brian McGee, EdS, Founder and CEO
1. Resume

Dr. Chandana Mitra, PhD, Vice President and Director of Science Integration
1. Resume
2. Interview: News Talk 1010 Radio Canada

Jacqueline McGee, EdS, Director of Education
1. Resume

Dr. Zach Mahaza, PhD, Director of Research
1. Curriculum Vita
2. Resume

Michelle French, Marketing and Graphics
1. Website
2. Resume